The Cryptocurrency was introduced on April 18, 2014. Its name was given to the cryptocurrency from the word "coin" in Esperanto. In September 2014, the system underwent a planned attack, however, the attackers failed to destroy Monero. According to data for October 2017, Monero is among the top ten cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization.

The main feature of Monero is the use of the CryptoNote protocol, which operates on the basis of ring signatures. The cryptographic basis for the protocol was created by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Yael Taumann in 2001, and finalized by E. Fujisaki and K. Suzuki in 2007. Due to CryptoNote and the obfuscation added to the protocol, passive mixing is provided: all transactions in the system are anonymous.

Inspired by the history and ideas of Monero, we created WalletMonero - the safest and most convenient digital wallet. Now you can use Monero on any device. You do not need to download an independent Monero client that will keep your money safe, but it takes a lot of space on your disk and requires constant updates. We are struggling for security, so we do not store your personal keys and no one will have access to your funds.

We took the most secure and anonymous cryptocurrency, and added usability.

Welcome to WalletMonero!